My Philosophy about Therapy

My primary aim as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist is to meet each client’s needs as best as I can, in a safe, supportive environment. This necessitates an eclectic approach, drawing on multiple therapeutic modalities. My approach is fundamentally humanistic whereby I try to meet each client with respect and unconditional positive regard.

While it may seem I favour a somatic approach in my work, not all clients are ready for this or want it. Above all else, I believe in the Hakomi principle of organicity that we each have an innate intelligence to move towards our own healing if allowed, and that the therapist’s primary job is to support this.

My training in Clinical Psychology seemed to favour seeing the psychologist as the expert. I have moved away from this position to favour a more collaborative way of working. My focus is to assist you to discover more about yourself. Often this work will be done experientially, helping you to re-connect body and mind.

I have a deep curiosity for the human condition, a reality that we all share, and a deep respect for those that are endeavouring to do their own growth work -to meet their own ‘shadow’ and arrive at a place of deeper compassion (for self and other) and greater open-heartedness. This is a journey I am committed to myself.

I have a longing that, as humans, we can have the courage to meet each other more authentically. Therapy can provide an environment to cultivate this.




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